WSB Individual Ranking Point.

WSB Individual Ranking Point. Appendix B, Rule 3 of the WSB Competition Rules now mentions:

1. WSB Individual Ranking

1.1. During the Regular Season, an individual ranking will be established per Weight Category.

1.2. The ranking will be decided by the highest number of points during the Regular Season. In case of an equal amount of points, it will be decided by the number of Bouts won by each decision type, in descending order, as per the table below, and the smaller order number will prevail on the higher order number:

1 Knockout (KO), TKO, Double knockout (DKO) 5 0

2 Win by Points (WP), by unanimous decision 5 0

3 Win by Points (WP), by split decision or “preferential” decision 4 1

4 Technical Knockout – Injury (TKO-I) 4 0

5 Disqualification (DQ, DDQ or DQB) 3 -1

6 Walkover (WO) by Injury 3 0

7 Walkover (WO) by Overweight 3 -1

8 No Contest by Rule 2 2

9 No Contest by Rule -1 -1

10 Technical Draw (TD) 1 1