Vijfde seizoen van WSB start 15 januari

Season V of WSB is about to get under way on January 15th. From now until the finals in June, there will be 122 matches in which there are over 550 boxers registered to take compete for 16 WSB teams. We would like to thank you for making your boxers available to the draft and we wish them every success in their efforts to progress their careers and indeed in their attempt to qualify for the Olympics through WSB.

Depending on whether your boxer(s) has/have been recruited as a main, reserve or retained boxer, they are entitled to certain conditions. Additionally, the boxer(s) and the National Federation have agreed to certain conditions towards the WSB team also. You will have signed a contract with the WSB team. This will outline the responsibilities and commitments of each party.

If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us. WSB does not permit boxers who have a professional record to compete in the competition. If your boxers’ status has changed since the draft or change during the competition, you should contact WSB immediately.

Once again, we would like to wish you and your boxer(s) every success in the upcoming Season.

Kind regards

Liam Mc Groarty

WSB Senior Competition Coordinator