Veel lof van AIBA voor organisatie WK dames

International Boxing Association President hails ‘magnificent’ new Women’s World Champions
Jeju, Korea, 24 November 2014 – The President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Dr Ching-Kuo Wu paid tribute to the ‘magnificent new champions’ on the final day of the 8th Women’s World Championships in Jeju, Korea.

Dr Wu said: “The standard of competition here in Jeju has been magnificent, so our new World Champions can leave for home knowing that they are truly the best boxers in the world today.”
The new 2014 Women’s World Champions are:
• Light Fly (45-48kg): KYZAIBAY Nazym, Kazakhstan
• Fly (51kg): ESPARZA Marlen, USA
• Bantam (54kg): PETROVA Stanimira , Bulgaria
• Feather (57kg): DOBRYNINA Zinaida, Russia
• Light (60kg): TAYLOR Katie, Ireland
• Light Welter (64kg): BELIAKOVA Anastasiia, Russia
• Welter (69kg): BYLON Atheyna, Panama
• Middle (75kg): SHIELDS Claresa, USA
• Light Heavy (81kg): YANG Xiaoli, China
• Heavy (+81kg): MAGOMEDALIEVA Zenfira, Russia
Speaking after the finals, Dr Wu said: “Since its historic launch at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Women Boxing has become hugely popular all around the world – and this is conclusively demonstrated by the enormous wealth of talent that has competed here in Jeju.”
“The development of Women Boxing has been one of my top priorities ever since my election as President of AIBA. When we announced that Women boxers would compete at the London Olympics in 2012, many people doubted whether it would work. But instead, the Women Boxing competition proved to be one of the greatest successes of the entire Games.
“Now, just two years later, all multi-sports Games will have Women Boxing Competitions. And our intention is that Women Boxing will, in future, also be an integral part of both our new APB and WSB competitions.”
As the competition closed, Dr Wu expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Boxing Association of Korea (BAK) and its President, Mr. Yoon Seok Chang, as well as to the Governor of Jeju Special Self-governing Province, Mr Heeryong Won, for organizing and hosting such a successful event and to the Championship Supervisor and AIBA Executive Committee member, Terry Smith, from Wales.
“The organization, as well as the setting of these 8th Women’s World Championships were superb. I am very grateful indeed for all the huge efforts that have gone into making sure the Championships ran smoothly. And I am very grateful to the Governor and the people of Jeju for the warm welcome they have extended to everyone coming to their beautiful island,” said Dr Wu.
In total, 280 competitors from 67 countries took part in the Championships in all of the 10 AIBA Women’s Elite weight categories. China, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Russia and the US each competed with the maximum number of 10 Women Boxers.
In total, European boxers won 21 medals, Asian boxers 13 medals and six boxers won medals from the Americas. Russia dominated the medals table with five (including 3 champions) and China with four (with 1 champion) as well. Italy, Turkey and the US won three medals each; Azerbaijan, England, France, India, Kazakhstan and Thailand each won two medalists; and Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines and Ukraine won one medal apiece.