Tickets in de verkoop voor WK boksen in Hamburg

TO: AIBA Member Federations
DATE: July 10th 2017
SUBJECT: Ticketing for AIBA World Championships, Hamburg 2017

Dear AIBA Member Federations,
With Hamburg 2017 quickly approaching and after the closure of the continental qualifying events qualifying 260 boxers from more than 80 countries worldwide, we would like to invite you to share with your boxing fans and other stakeholders information to purchase tickets for this milestone event.
The German Boxing Association and Local Organizing Committee in Hamburg are pleased to announce that tickets also for VIP ringside for Hamburg 2017 will be available to buy online at Ticketing Hamburg 2017 and are being offered on a first come first serve basis and will give you the opportunity to share in the experience for the semi-finals and finals.
For any direct request, please be contact with the Hamburg 2017 LOC at who will assist you with any further inquiries related to ticketing for the AIBA World Championships.

William Louis Marie
AIBA Executive Director
Cc: Franco Falcinelli, EUBC President
Jürgen Kyas, German Boxing Association President