Introductie-mail voor EUBC Passion for Boxing-commissie

Sinds enkele dagen staat op de website van de Nederlandse boksbond een linkje naar de Facebookpagina EUBCPassionforboxing en de Twitteraccount. Boris van der Vorst is voorzitter van de EUBC commissie, waarmee informatie wordt gedeeld over de internationale breedtesport-activiteiten . Bekijk deze pagina geregeld om op de hoogte te blijven van allerlei ontwikkelingen. Bijgaand de introductie-mail van Boris van der Vorst.

Dear Friends

The EUBC Passion for Boxing Commission is pleased to announce the launch of two new social media accounts – one on Facebook, and one on Twitter.
It is  absolutely essential that these two accounts become a success if the EUBC Passion for Boxing Commission is to achieve its goals in growing the sport of boxing, promoting the EUBC and supporting national federation members.
I would therefore request that you all please like the Facebook page and follow the Twitter account and ask your network of colleagues and friends to do the same. If we can unite the whole of Europe behind the cause we can make massive improvements to the sport.
Facebook – @EUBCpassionforboxing
Twitter – @EUBCpassion
Once again I cannot stress enough how important social media is to our overall strategy.
Many thanks in advance.
Best wishes.
Boris van der Vorst
President of the EUBC Passion for Boxing Commission