Grote internationale waardering voor Nederlandse boksbond

De prijsuitreiking van de EUBC-award winnaars heeft grote aandacht getrokken in de Europese bokswereld en in de rest van de wereld. Het initiatief van president Franco Falcinelli van de European Boxing Confederation en van voorzitter Boris van der Vorst van de Nederlandse boksbond wordt alom geprezen en de perfecte organisatie van de huldiging met een live-streaming bij de Nederlandse bokskampioenschappen in Rotterdam wordt als voorbeeld gesteld voor de toekomstige ceremoniën. Zie onderstaande publicatie op de website van de EUBC en de AIBA.

25 January 2019 Featured

The President of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) and Vice-President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Mr. Franco Falcinelli presented the trophies to the 11 winners of the historical first EUBC Award in Rotterdam.

The first EUBC Award Gala was held at the Worldhotel Wings in Rotterdam, Netherlands during the finals of the Dutch National Boxing Championships and the local organizers together with the management of the European Boxing Confederation arranged a special ceremony and a wonderful show for all participants.

The European Boxing Confederation selected eleven different categories to celebrate the bests of the Year 2018: the best boxers, coaches, referees & judges for both genders, furthermore the best journalist, Technical Delegate, and EUBC Official awards. The Best European National Federation was also presented and at last a special trophy the Passion for Boxing Award was finalized the program of the Gala.

The winners of these categories arrived from 10 different European countries to the EUBC Award. EUBC arrived to a new milestone with its historical Awarding Ceremony and the Confederation is planning to arrange the Gala every year in the future.

The President of the Dutch Boxing Federation Mr. Boris Van der Vorst supported the arrangements of the EUBC Award with enthusiasm. The European Boxing Confederation’s new project was a great success, live streamed through its Youtube channel and shared with its stakeholders through many communication platforms.

The list of the historical winners in the EUBC Boxing Gala

Best EUBC European Male Boxer in 2018: Mr. Sofiane Oumiha, France

Best EUBC European Female Boxer in 2018: Ms. Kellie Harrington, Ireland

Best EUBC European Male Coach in 2018: Mr. Mick Driscoll, England

Best EUBC European Female Coach in 2018: Mrs. Maarit Teuronen, Finland

Best EUBC European Male Referee & Judge in 2018: Mr. Sergey Krutasov, Russia

Best EUBC European Female Referee & Judge in 2018: Mrs. Ramona Cobzac, Romania

Best European Journalist in 2018: Mr. Tibor Kincses, Hungary

Best EUBC Official in 2018: Mr. Ioannis Filippatos, Greece

Best European Technical Delegate in 2018: Mr. Dragoljub Radovic, Serbia

Best European National Federation: Russian Boxing Federation

Passion for Boxing Award: Mr. Boris Van der Vorst, Netherlands

The Netherlands produced strong boxers in the recent five years and their development is significant in our beloved sport following their President Mr. Boris Van der Vorst worked hard with his team to develop all areas of boxing in the country.

The finals of the Dutch National Championships delivered several surprises during the EUBC Award. EUBC European Confederation Youth Boxing Championships bronze medallist Cas Van Peer and their middleweight (75kg) No.1 Max Van der Pas were not able to get their titles in Rotterdam.

Netherlands’ top rated boxer Rio 2016 Olympic Games silver medallist Nouchka Fontijn, EUBC European Women’s Youth Champion Chelsey Heijnen, EUBC European Confederation Boxing Championships bronze medallist Roy Korving and Rio 2016 Olympian Enrico La Cruz, who moved up to the light welterweight (64kg), all shined in their finals.


Dear Boxers!

Dear representatives of the National Boxing Federations of the European continent!

Dear representatives of the European Boxing Confederation!

Dear colleagues and friends!

Allow me, taking this opportunity, to express to all of you, on behalf of the International Boxing Association – AIBA, and my personal behalf, the best wishes and greetings!

It gives me special pleasure to welcome you all to today’s Ceremony of awarding the best contributors to the Boxing movement in the European continent in 2018.

I want to express my gratitude to the EUBC, its leader Mr. Franco Falcinelli, who has been faithfully serving Boxing for many decades and making an enormous contribution to the development of our beloved sport not only in Europe but also in the world, as well as to the Nederlandse Boksbond for the excellent organization of such an important event, which will celebrate the Best and appreciate the contribution of the stakeholders of the European Boxing movement.

The European continent, without any doubt, is one of the leaders in the promotion of Boxing in the world. International tournaments and championships held here are models as they set a high level of standards.

Europe is the locomotive in worldwide Boxing development within in AIBA. Andlam adamant that with your joint efforts, this trend will continue for many years to come.

I would like to wish the nominees of today’s ceremony all the best, as well as successful activities on the path of development of our great sport of Boxing in the future.

Thank you very much!

Gafur Rahimov

AIBA President