EUBC General Assembly van 12 t/m 15 april 2015

Dear Presidents and Secretary Generals of European National Boxing Federations

It is my pleasure to formally announce the European Boxing Confederation’s quadrennial Ordinary General Assembly at Valle di Assisi Hotel located in in Assisi, Italy from April 12th to 15th 2015.

April 12th Arrival

April 13th Meeting with President Wu – Location visit for the European Boxing Academy

April 14th – EUBC Ordinary General Assembly (9-13) First EC Meeting (15-18)

April 15th Departure

The Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly will be sent out shortly and will be stipulated and set by the EUBC Executive Committee. As stated in the EUBC Constitution, article 24 Agenda for General Assembly, each National Federation has the opportunity to send in their proposal submissions two months prior to the Ordinary General Assembly, meaning the deadline to submit is February 8th 2015. Each proposal submission by a National Federation must have at least five (5) other National Federations that support the proposal and will be subject to EUBC Executive Committee’s approval if it shall be included in the Agenda.

The EUBC Ordinary General Assembly’s proceedings will be in accordance with the EUBC Constitution and Bylaws, including eligibility. Information related to the logistics will follow along with the documentation distribution. Please be in contact with the EUBC Office at for any further questions or inquires related to the Ordinary General Assembly.


Franco Falcinelli

EUBC President